AdjuTec Pharma AS website is developed by AdjuTec Pharma AS and Liapko Design in Tilda Publishing. AdjuTec Pharma AS owns and has the overall responsibility for the website and the processing of information that has been collected automatically there.

This information is needed in order to make the website easy to use and ensure that it is secure and stable. This includes 'cookies', and logs of the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of computers that connect to the website and of traffic to and from the website.

The processing of this information is carried out in accordance with Norway's personal data legislation and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which set out technical and administrative measures, rules, and requirements regarding employees' skills and expertise in this field.
When you visit the AdjuTec Pharma AS website, your IP address is registered. This is necessary in order for you to be able to connect with the website. AdjuTec Pharma AS has a legitimate interest in logging traffic in order to identify or prevent any undesirable activity directed towards the websites. These logs can be used to help prevent illegal access to electronic communication networks and the spreading of malwares (malicious codes), and can also be used to help stop Denial-of-Service attacks and prevent damage to computers. Traffic is only logged to the extent strictly necessary and proportionate for the purposes of ensuring network and information security.
The website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. Adjutec Pharma AS uses cookies for various purposes, including statistics, technical monitoring, and technical functionality. The storage and processing of information that has been collected by cookies is not permitted, unless the user has been informed and has consented to this. Under section 2-7b of the Electronic Communications Act, the user must be informed about the information that is to be processed, what the purpose is, and who will be processing the information, and the user must consent to this.

Cookies do not entail any security risk for you, but you can at any time block the storage of cookies on your machine.

The cookies used on this site are:
  • Google analytics set two cookies in your browser. (_ga og _gid). These are used for collecting statistics. The browser will delete these automatically after 2 years, but they are renewed upon each visit.

The statistics can tell us:
  • How many people visit the various pages
  • How long each visit lasts
  • Which websites the users come from
  • Which browsers are used
  • What country they are in

Google Analytics uses cookies that register users’ IP addresses, and that provide information on the individual user’s browsing activity. Adjutec Pharma AS anonymises the user’s IP address before this information is stored and processed by Google. This means that the IP address cannot be used to identify the individual user. In addition all the data is processed in groups, not at the individual level.